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Do you have on of those Mobile phones which can record audio and video? If yes, you may have had some problems when watching those videos on your computer due to compatibility problems.

Now and thanks to Mobile Media Converter that will not be a problem anymore. Mobile Media Converter will convert from and to the formats supported by both two devices.

You mobile uses AMR for audio files and 3gp for video files and your computer usually uses mp3 or wav for audio and mpg for video files.

Mobile Media Converter can convert:

AMR to Mp3

Mp3, wav, wma to amr

Mpg to 3gp

3gp to mpg

By this way you will be able to see your mobile videos and audios in your computer and your computer’s ones in your mobile.

Furthermore, its easy to use interface which even supports drag&drop, will help you convert your video and audio files in just 2 clicks, no matter if it’s the first time you use it, it’s really easy.

Take the most out of your new mobile phone features. It's the perfect companion for your mobile, iPhone or iPod.
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